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Each player is the STAR of their own magazine!

With the NEW Sports Press program your parents will get the most exciting product since the memory mate was released!

Instead of loose prints that you can lose or get damaged you now will get your photo day package back as a unique Sports Press magazine featuring your athlete!


Each person that purchases a package will get this product with their athlete on the cover and the contents of your package inside as pages of this magazine.


Keep the magazine as a keepsake or cut out the pages to share with family and friends!

Your photo packages will be delivered

in a stunning magazine format!

Raise More Money For Your League!

Increased Fundraising for your organization is easy with Sports Press!

Use additional pages to sell ads!
Give your sponsors a 100% view rate!
We provide you with all the forms to help you!

Welcome To Fox-Mar Sports! One Company, Stronger Connected.

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