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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

- How do I order photos of my child on Picture Day?

Your child should receive our order form from the coach approximately one week before Picture Day. On Picture Day, your child will bring the completed order envelope to the field and hand it in at the time photo is taken.  You can also pre-pay buy going to this page, and searching for your league's name.

- How can I see all the products you have available?

All of our products are listed and/or pictured on our order form. Most items can be viewed on this website. All items are available on display on Picture Day.

- When do I pay for my photo?

Payment is due at the time the pictures are taken. If you didn’t receive an order form, you can obtain one at the picture location.  You can also pre-pay buy going to this page, and searching for your league's name.

- How and when will I get my picture?

Pictures are delivered to the organization approximately 2-3 weeks after Picture Day. Depending on the club or organization, they may hold the pictures for distribution at a banquet, or they may distribute them to the coaches to give to their own players. Some leagues request that all photos be mailed to the players' homes, for a nominal charge. Once we have delivered pictures to an organization, the time it takes to distribute to each individual child varies by club or organization.

- What if I don't receive my picture order?

If you did not receive your picture order, you should check with other team members to see if they have received their pictures. Sometimes, coaches/clubs will hold them for a banquet, end of year party, etc. If other team members have received their photos, you should contact the coach, who may be holding them for you. If you need assistance in contacting your coach, call or email our Customer Service Department at 786-389-5995 and we will assist you.

- Can I come before or after the time scheduled for my child's team?

If you are unable to come at the scheduled time slot for your team, your child can be photographed at a different time. Keep in mind, however, that your child will not be in the team photo.

- How long does it take to have my child and the team photographed?

All teams are given a scheduled picture time. We pride ourselves on our reputation for always running on time. That is why we request that coaches have their team members arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time, so that everyone will be present at the scheduled time.

- My ex and I each want to buy a package of my child, but need them packaged separately. Can you do that?

Yes. The easiest way is to have your child hand in two separate envelopes, one for each parent. If you cannot get a second envelope before Picture Day, you can make a photocopy or wait until Picture Day and get another one at the picture location.

- What if I want to order more photos at a later date?

Contact our customer service at 786-389-5995 for assistance.

- May I use one check to pay for all of my children?

Yes, you may use one check to pay for all of your children. Please remember to make a note on each form letting us know which form has the payment and the names of the children for whom you are paying.

- May I make substitutions in a package?

No. Substitutions may not be made in packages.

- May I fill out one form for all of my children?

No, a separate form needs to be completed for each photo taken. You may pay for all the photos with one check as stated above but each image needs its own form.

- What if I lose my order form?

We always bring extra forms the day of the shoot.

If you have questions that haven’t been addressed here please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

Toll Free: 1-866-369-6279 
Local Miami-Dade: (786) 389-5995
Local Broward: (954) 653-1704
Local Palm Beach: (561) 246-3981

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