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 Fox-Mar is and has been the unequivocal leader in digital photography in South Florida. Our photographic services include general portraiture, high school senior portraits, dance photography, special events, and sports teams. Our customers select Fox-Mar for the best in service and quality. As a result, they have helped us make Fox-Mar very successful. We are incredibly proud to unveil our new Fox-Mar Sports division to now provide South Florida’s youth leagues the opportunity to experience the professionalism and quality Fox-Mar has always offered to our schools.



Fox-Mar first opened our doors in March of 1974 as a full-time portrait studio. Our first location was at 375 East 49 Street in Hialeah, Florida and only 600 square feet! After a few moves and expansions we relocated to what is now referred to as the Miami Lakes Studio. This facility is over 7,500 square feet and was designed specifically for our Senior portrait and prom business. In about 1979, the Kendall studio was opened to service schools south of Flagler Street. The suburban expansion in the south and the quality of our photography and service allowed us to expand and remodel the south location several times. Fox-Mar is one of the most productive and well-known studios in the Southeast U.S. directly due to our quality service, and "the customer comes first" attitude.




Fox-Mar has made a commitment to South Florida Schools by providing thousands of dollars in scholarships to selected journalism students. We also support many athletic programs and school activities throughout the year. Fox-Mar is a member of the Dade Partner's program and has received many awards of appreciation from our school clients. Fox-Mar provides employment to over 100 families who live, work, and pay taxes in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. Dollar for dollar, we doubt any photography company returns as much to the community as Fox-Mar.

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